Note: Questioning within the enterprise

Enterprise questioning systems would make execs Leaders rather than followers, by allowing them to direct future questioning instead of approving existing answers as good enough. “MVP” has a new meaning. The new risk is emerging alternatives instead of existing competition.

Questioning is seen as adversarial in the answer economy, but as the ancient Greeks knew, questions are the route to unprecedented progress. Scientific method is another such method but it has been sucked into A subordinated role to existing answers. The truly new is suppressed to fit into existing systems until the obvious contradictions and compensations become overwhelming. Epicycles.

Intention captures answers, where questions open new paths.

A New path can lead to traditional commodification, where the answer is settled, no innovation is required and, except for Logistical factors, free to reproduce. Commodities May be modified for additional cost, but the basic unit is Essentially free. Even in a patented tech, the new creates value while the established is based on current demand and, therefore, cheap. Or free.

Author: Mitch Ratcliffe

Mitch Ratcliffe is a veteran entrepreneur, journalist and business model hacker. He operates this site, which is a collection of the blogs he's published over the years, as well as an archive of his professional publishing record. As always, this is a work in progress. Such is life.

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